Business Automation for Franchise Expansion

Top managers in a client’s company wanted to find a new way to manage business affairs because growth had become stagnant. The managers planned to delegate management functions to partners via franchise thereby freeing their time to invest and expand business into new countries.

To achieve the client’s business goals, we began with IT product analysis. We built a strategic plan by mapping business objectives with assumptions and restrictions. The plan showed that they needed:

  1. New IT architecture based on microservices for easy scaling and reducing time to market.
  2. New websites and webservices for creating a modern user interface and exclude any manual labor.
  3. New software on the devices to support modern hardware, decrease a number of errors and improve remote control abilities.

Byndyusoft re-invented the entire client’s business by adapting an Agile process, developing software to manage devices, and move the client’s infrastructure into a cloud datacenter.

Мы доверили Byndyusoft наши ключевые сервисы. Команда гибко подходит к изменению требований на любых стадиях работы, что важно на нашем конкурентном рынке. Сейчас Byndyusoft отвечает за все наши сервисы, связанные с общественным транспортом, такси и «умными» остановками.
Основатель и управляющий в Adbus и Screen2b

The first version of the new software was launched in just 3 months. The client immediately started offering franchises to new partners with new software and fully automated business processes.

Top managers were freed from manual labor by a fully automated business process and a new approach for developing software. They focused their efforts on the selling of franchises and training the new franchisees.

50 partners
have bought a franchise over the last 2 years
148 cities
were plugged in
4 countries
integrated into the system
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