Calculating Delivery Costs and Conditions

The cli­ent is — one of the biggest Rus­si­an on­line re­tail­ers. It’s main goods are books, elec­tron­ics, mu­sic, and movies. After a few suc­cess­ful projects which we de­veloped for them, they asked us to design and de­vel­op a mod­ern ver­sion of a sys­tem for cal­cu­lat­ing de­liv­ery costs and con­di­tions.

This system gathers data from a shopping cart and internal services at the checkout stage. Then calculates and offers delivery conditions such as available delivery types, delivery costs, composition of parcels and delivery dates.

The client set two business goals:
  1. Make a process of setting delivery conditions ten times faster. For instance, setting up a new delivery company that works in 100 cities takes a month but should only take a few days.
  2. Withstand a load of 1,000,000 requests per hour with an average response time of less than one second. For instance, the system has to work perfectly during Black Friday.

We started this project using our product discovery process. We analyzed an old system and how users worked with it. After analysis, we made a strategic plan to achieve business goals.

The system was divided into three parts:
  1. A web part for managers that they use for tuning delivery conditions such as territory restrictions, costs, delivery types, delivery schedule and so on.

  2. A webservice for calculating delivery conditions based on the product’s weight, size, cost, payment methods, categories of goods (fragile, dangerous) and types of products (clothing, weapons, adult products).

  3. Integrations via REST API with warehouses, an online store, delivery companies and an address service.

All three parts were being developed simultaneously by designers, developers, QA engineers and deveops engineers.

Byndyusoft improved the efficiency of the e-commerce system from 80 to 400 checkouts per minute. The team communicates well and works in an Agile fashion, making it easy to change project requirements. They also took the time to understand the needs of the client before beginning the project.
Valery Dyachenko, Business Applications Director,, Moscow
RESULTS launched the first version of the system in early 2016. After the first release, we improved and deployed the two new versions of the system.

The client asked its customers whether the new system is better than the old one, and this is what they said:
  1. It improves the accuracy and completeness of information on delivery conditions.

  2. Now we know all logistical options.

  3. Really fast response on the checkout page at any time.

Advantages to managers:
  1. A back office allows manages to examine how and why a particular delivery condition was calculated in the past.

  2. A manager can set up a new delivery company in a few days.
1,000,000 requests per hour
Horizontal scaling
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