’Miss Russia’ became 3x cheaper and 40x faster with Microservices, pure PaaS and Cloud

The Miss Russia National Contest is the biggest Russian project in the fashion industry. Qualifying rounds are held throughout the country and attract 75,000 girls. 

97% of internet traffic and 100% of user votes fall between 2 weeks in April. In this short period a website has to process 2,000,000 visitors and 750,000 votes.

The problems appeared during the contest’s final weeks: the website worked slow, users couldn’t vote because of server errors.

Byndyusoft worked in close cooperation with Microsoft on this project. We began to explore the problems by load testing. The tests showed that the website could handle only 150 requests per second but has to work with load peaks up to 2,000 requests per second.

An old monolithic architecture and non-cloud hardware blocked the ability to scale out website performance. There were no ways to satisfy new requirements with existing approaches.

  1. Byndyusoft developed a new version of the website on microservice architecture and deployed it on Microsoft Azure. These changes gave the ability to scale in and scale out by mouse clicks even without a line of code. Microsoft Corporation helped by sharing the experience about pure PaaS features on Azure.

    With this solution a contest owner can balance cloud resources depending on the contest phase. On the previous website an owner paid for the whole website every month because he couldn’t disable any services from Monolithic Architecture or sell a part of the hardware.

  2. Byndyusoft developed the website and a vote service on .NET Core and used Akamai CDN to decrease response time for users.

  3. Byndyusoft rebuilt HTML/CSS/JavaScript to make it 12 times lighter so a user can open a web page 12 times faster with less effort on the web server. Also we created a perfect mobile-friendly website. Check it out on any device missrussia.ru

Byndyusoft understood our business goals and suggested a reasonable solution in a week. They did the project within agreed budget and respected the deadlines. Close to the release date, we challenged Byndyusoft with creating of more advanced bot-protection system and they did it within initial development timeline. Our contest went smooth with their 24/7 support and proactive monitoring.
Victor Asafov, Head of Information Technology Infrastructure at Roust Inc

The Miss Russia website works perfectly with 5,000 request per second. Our solution made the website 3 times less expensive and 40 times faster with new Microservice Architecture and Microsoft Azure.

A website owner highlighted these advantages:
  1. The ability to increase cloud resources on the loaded parts and decrease resources on the other parts.
  2. The website parts do not depend on each other. If a vote service goes down, the website will work as usual.
  3. Owner spends money only during the contest’s final (two weeks) and decrease these costs the rest of a year.
3 times less expensive
in comparison with the previous version
40 times faster
in comparison with the previous version
Less than 1 second
response time even under a peak load
5,000 requests per second
a website can withstand
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