Real-time Business Monitoring and Intelligence

A client didn’t have a tracking system for monitoring performance and business parameters in real-time. The most desired feature was to predict a critical problem with an early warning alarm.

The client asked Byndyusoft to develop a monitoring system for his high-loaded project: up to 10,000 messages per second and database storage up to 5 TB.

Such a huge project is very sensitive to any additional stresses. It’s really hard to set up a monitoring system and not reduce the performance of the whole system especially if you need to monitor the complex business parameters with prediction analysis.


Byndyusoft has wide experience in the maintenance of monitoring systems and chose the most appropriate solution for this particular project. We visualized all performance and business parameters, set up a dashboard for a developer team, a marketing team and project stakeholders.

The monitoring system has an active alarm subsystem integrated with plenty of the notification channels such as Skype, email, SMS, etc. All parameters of active warnings-thresholds, lists of recipients, transport channels- are customizable by a user interface.

I've been working with Byndyusoft since 2014. I would like to note the thoughtfulness and desire to understand the client's business needs by each team member. They are highly responsible and gave me excellent business results. As a bonus, we regularly received consultation during the process from Alexander Byndyu himself. I strongly recommend this company for IT-product development.
Vladimir Ivichev, CEO at, Moscow

The monitoring system covers all important business cases. For instance, the client can observe in real-time the effects caused by holiday sales or by a marketing campaign launch. Also, the business users can watch charts and infographics and can be forewarned about deviations.

3 levels
of alerting
30 seconds
refresh period for business parameters
40 GB
Monitoring database
human intervention for problems that are fixed automatically
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