Holdings, groups of companies, industrial enterprises, big e-commerce and financial companies often have their own IT, design and marketing departments. Indeed, these companies have problems in implementing internal IT innovations or bringing new IT products to market.


  • Internal projects that change prioritization frequently
  • Often times development teams are unstable as they have to borrow
    employees from other departments
    inside the company
  • It's hard to calculate the cost and the final budget of internal development
  • Shortage of necessary staff and competencies
  • No time for making quality requirements
  • Bureaucracy creates obstacles along the project path


Our team has to understand the clients' goals, and how they will affect the success of the project in the end. That's why, before the project starts, we identify measurable and time-bound goals in collaboration with stakeholders. Then, we develop the project until all goals are met in the most cost effect way for the client. We do all of this while remaining flexible in the scope of work. You will get a professional team who strives to meet your objectives.


Andrei Tsidin CEO and co-founder at Adbus CHELYABINSK

We have started our collaboration gradually, with care. The confidence and trust we have with Byndyusoft was achieved in the development process. Byndyusoft is very flexible with changing requirements because when you are developing a real life IT-product there is no way to plan all of its aspects in advance. At this time Byndyusoft is responsible for all IT tasks for our Public Transport Television project.