Lean Production

By using Agile methodology we stabilize the development process and boost performance. Nonetheless, in the course of software development we deal with losses of time and money. The reasons for such losses can be as follows:

  1. unnecessary code in the project and unneeded functionality;
  2. delays in the process of software development;
  3. inaccurate or contradictory requirements;
  4. bureaucratic barriers;
  5. bad communication between the team members.

With a knowledge of these problems, we are constantly improving the development process, doing our best to mitigate the losses.


Valery Dyachenko, Business Applications Director, Ozon.ru Moscow

Byndyusoft improved the efficiency of the e-commerce system from 80 to 400 checkouts per minute. The team communicates well and works in an Agile fashion, making it easy to change project requirements. They also took the time to understand the needs of the client before beginning the project.