Offline goes Online

Managing logistics, creating jobs, optimizing the sales funnel, are processes known to every businessman. When your business is fully optimized, you still need to find new sources for improvements. Existing tools hold back the growth of businesses, thereby decreasing the earning potential of the company. In this case, we can develop new approaches for scaling your business by using automation processes, analyzing your data and moving your business online.


  • Hard to formalize project requirements
  • No experience in IT development
  • Mental boundaries of offline businesses can hold them back from moving online
  • Existing software is out of time and needs modernization


We help create IT-product vision. Formalize measurable goals and objectives to further your online business. Create a road map for achieving these goals. Then, we develop the project until all goals are met in the most cost effect way for the client. We do all of this while remaining flexible in the scope of work. Our professional team will develop all necessary aspects for your project success: business analyses, UI/UX, back-end development, testing, maintenance and support.