Test Driven Development

Detection of errors at early stages costs less. Correction of a “bug” which made it into the final stage of development will cost a whole lot. Do not delay testing of your product until later stages of development. Testing must be permanent, starting from the first day of project life. With the help of Test Driven Development (TDD) we decrease the number of errors in the code, design extensible project architecture and increase the coverage of code with tests.

We have recorded a video, in which this approach is addressed in detail.


Evgeny Yatsenko, Head of Web Department at Scania Moscow

First and foremost, the Byndyusoft team can be recommended because of its ability to create products which can easily be integrated into the current infrastructure of an enterprise. Moreover, there is always a possibility of “on the fly” project adaptation to the ever-changing business requirements. The final result is fast, flexible and solid.