The Largest National Car Parts Distributor Adapted to Microservices and Lean Startup Methodology

The biggest Russian distributor of car parts, that consists of thousands of warehouses around the country, asked Byndyusoft to split their IT architecture into microservices and cultivate IT products methodology amongst employees.

Byndyusoft has chosen a practical way to achieve these goals. We had started to develop new IT products inside the client’s company at the beginning of our partnership and at the same time, coaching and teaching the client’s employees in new approaches.

New IT products, such as:

  1. A new order management system,
  2. website search and item card,
  3. checkout,
  4. recommendations system, etc.

All these products were created by Byndyusoft by using microservice architecture and Lean Startup methodology.

All new products developments had started from generating marketing hypotheses. Then we checked all assumptions on the market and business metrics. After a few releases we revised our customer’s needs and developed the updated versions of the products.

Byndyusoft has been collaborating with our company for a year. Together we developed a variety of new products and resolved monolith architecture problems by switching to microservices. More importantly for our business, Byndyusoft created two product teams inside our company from our employees. As a result we now develop new products without external help.
Roman Alyabiev, CTO at Rossko
  1. We trained the product teams inside the client’s company; making them self-sufficient with the software.
  2. Old-fashioned monolith architecture was refactored and redeveloped to microservice architecture. We designed and implemented the Continuous Deployment system and the Monitoring and Logging system. In addition, devising formal rules to explain how to create, integrate and deploy a new microservice into the existing infrastructure.
  3. Developed and released new important IT products for the client by using Lean Startup.
5 new products
developed in 6 months
2 new teams
created in the client’s company
100 microservices
developed and maintained
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