Interface for Managing Advertisements in Public Transportation

Managers spent too much time for prioritizing advertisements. They had to remember all client commitments and take them into account while managing TV broadcast schedules.

Byndyusoft developed and designed a new interface. The new system automatically creates TV broadcast schedules by an algorithm, not manually. A manager just needs to prepare advertisements, put them into the system and start the campaign.

A manager uploads videos and adjusts parameters for the campaign. For instance, start date, finish date, gps-areas where the videos should be shown. According to the parameters, the system automatically estimates the campaign’s budget, GRP, CPR and CPT characteristics. The manager only needs to click the start button and watch how the campaign is controlled by the system.

We have started our collaboration gradually, with care. The confidence and trust we have with Byndyusoft was achieved in the development process. Byndyusoft is very flexible with changing requirements because when you are developing a real life IT-product there is no way to plan all of its aspects in advance. At this time Byndyusoft is responsible for all IT tasks for our Public Transport Television project.
Andrei Tsidin, CEO and co-founder at Adbus, Chelyabinsk
Now managers don’t worry if all client commitments are applied because the system has an algorithm to create TV broadcast schedules. The manager can spend her time selling ads to the clients and control how the ads go.
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TV broadcast schedule mistakes
Managers required for TV broadcast planning
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