A System for Conducting Countrywide Dance Sport Contests

A dance sport contest is usually organized through a very tight schedule, involving hundreds of sportspersons dancing in one day.

The old system often interfered with the schedule layout, mixed up pairs and this disrupted the live contest; affecting the natural flow of the competition.


Byndyusoft had been analyzing dancesport contests for two months before we created Impact Map and Customer Journey Map for the new product.

The software consists of four parts:

  1. Tablets for judges to enter scores,
  2. A workplace for the contest’s conductor,
  3. Broadcasting results and schedule on the arena screens,
  4. The local web server for managing tablets, workplace and screenboards.

Also, Byndyusoft developed a fraud detection algorithm to help the head judge to detect and eliminate non-professional behavior of colleagues.

The Federation of Dance Sport and Rock-n-Roll outsourced the design and development of all our software products to Byndyusoft. Since then Byndyusoft has become our main technology partner because they constantly bring new and innovative solutions which achieve the business’ goals. As a result, the Federation can now focus on purely strategic and political decisions rather than technical responsibilities.
  1. The new system for conducting the contest works non-stop without errors or breaks.
  2. The results and fraud detection are calculating in real time.
  3. The dancers are no longer distracting by technical issues and now they can concentrate on their performances.
Every week
this system conduct a few dance sport contests
12 judges
work simultaneously
99.99% SLA
is provided
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