Visualization of the Delivery Capacity for Warehouses

An on­line re­tail­er wanted to have a system that could promise a precise delivery date and time based on the delivery capacity of the warehouses, limits of delivery options and the quantity of parcels that need to be shipped.

To achieve this goal we invented a concept called time slots. A time slot is a combination of time intervals with their workload levels, limits of delivery options, and the time after which a slot should be closed for ordering.

We designed a calendar heatmap for visualizing slot availability. It consists of time slots, the capacity and workload of each slot and the shipping date. Thus, the diagram shows the throughput of delivery options and a workload level of a particular time period.

Byndyusoft improved the efficiency of the e-commerce system from 80 to 400 checkouts per minute. The team communicates well and works in an Agile fashion, making it easy to change project requirements. They also took the time to understand the needs of the client before beginning the project.
Valery Dyachenko, Business Applications Director,, Moscow

The client has new software to visualize and control the workload level for each delivery option. Client’s managers see all problem spots and can make an immediate informed decision. For example, they can disable an overloaded delivery option or increase the capacity of a particular time period.

delivery options overloaded
delivery options are now under control
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